Monday, August 9, 2010

TWiT TWiT ! ! ! . . . New life under the Akleng-parang tree.

The nest was secretly hidden among the dense grass under the Akleng-parang tree. Inside the nest were three precious baby birds, still innocent of the world around them. Need to plant more trees in order to save their habitat.


Macrina said...

Awww! I wonder what kind of bird they are?

Rico said...

Hi Macrina! I'll try to check on the nest next week when I visit the area. Hopefully, the chicks are still there and have grown feathers so that I'd be able to identify them.

Thanks for posting!

Rico said...

It's been two weeks since I took the picture of the baby birds. I had the chance to visit the nest this afternoon, but the chicks were not there anymore. I guess that it only takes them a few days in order to leave the nest and forage for food with their parent birds. Sayang! Another opportunity missed.

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