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Illegal Logging South Negros posted by angtabungos on Youtube last January 06, 2010
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix-fESfmqtg

Illegal logging in Eastern Samar (Barobo, The sinking Barangay)
posted by planuk on Youtube last November 23, 2009
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdvuX9WvaYQ

Destruction of Sierra Madre Mountain Forest (092209RNB 2)
posted by kwadernongreporter on Youtube last September 22, 2009

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TpGhvPN2F8

Kalasan (Forest) - Bukidnon posted by arkipelagoprod on Youtube last September 02, 2009
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwTgXTarkL4

- ISABELA, AURORA posted by PINASWATCH2 on Youtube last July 21, 2009
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmhIroaRK4c&feature=related

We need more people like Isabela Ex-Governor Grace Padaca. Kaya siguro siya naalis sa pwesto, dahil nakahanap ng paraan mga kinalaban niya na malalaking personalities who are involved in illegal logging. I hope and pray that the new governor would do his part also in stopping illegal logging in his area.

Aurora DENR
posted by ChairmanJoey on Youtube last April 08, 2008

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A6LXQTsfOw

illegal logging in the Banwaon Territory, Agusan del Sur posted by kebager on Youtube last September 18, 2007
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Ph7t9_XMA&feature=related

Massive Kaingin at Ipo Watershed posted by ipodam on Youtube last May 25, 2007
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl6J41s8G4k&feature=related

LOGGING IN THE PHILIPPINES 1 - SIERRA MADRE posted by vonjobi on Youtube last May 23, 2006
source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi6kYflQ5Sw&feature=related


Anonymous said...

I'm building my dream home soon, and would like to landscape it with nothing but native plants.

I'm thinking native bamboo -- bayog, buho, anos, laak, puser -- because they grow faster and absorb more carbon dioxide than trees.

Native trees, I'm thinking Banaba (drought-tolerant and medicinal) and Ilang-ilang (smells heavenly).

Any suggestions?

Thank a lot!

- RJ

Rico said...

Hello RJ! Thank you for dropping by and posting a message. I assume that you have an adequate garden area to be able to accommodate all five species of bamboo. Although I must admit and just realized that the Green Buho (Schizostachyum brachycladum, which I have posted a picture of in one my trivia and according to the book Philippine Erect Bamboos is believed to be an introduced species from Java. I apologize if in case I have mislead or given you or anybody the idea that this particular species is native to our country, which I had mistaken myself when the sales lady from this bamboo supplier from Antipolo City years ago told me that it was native from our country.

Anyway, I must warn you that the Bayog's mature pole has a tendency to bend or lean over, thus causing too much shade for nearby plants especially sun loving plants to survive. Though the Bayog has a very strong and thick culm that makes it very functional, it is also a good candidate to be planted along riverbanks and streams in order to hold the soil.

Going back to your question, the first thing that I would ask is how big is your area to be landscaped? In small spaces, native palm trees, clerodendrum sp., mussaenda's, ixora's, leea's, cycas, podocarpus sp., schefflera's, pandanus sp., jasminum sp., aglaonema's, alocasia's, ferns, native ginger sp., hoya's, orchids and native vines will be applicable.

While in greater areas, you could incorporate dipterocarp's, diospyros', dillenia's, lagerstroemia's, pinus' along with other trees such as Balitbitan, Narra, Toog, Molave, Dita, Ipil and Dao to name a few.

Please bear in mind that all of these trees and plants have specific needs in order to survive, depending on geographical and climatic conditions that your area possess. Some would require full sun, shaded areas, inundated areas, limestone areas, clay soil and other considerations for it's optimal growth and development.

If you have the opportunity to collect some of the species mentioned above, you are a very lucky person because most of them will be endangered or extinct in the near future.

Hope that I have answered all your questions. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Illegal logging is rampant here in Agusan del Sur, the government hasn't done seriously. A few years from now there will be no more virgin forests here, it will be gone forever and only very few will be left or nothing... I can not figure out how serious our task force is, because the destruction continues..

One thing i observe is that, the government only declare few areas for conservation, so most of the areas occupied by new immigrants were being slashed and burned. And the government awarded these areas (which are most of it are still virgin forests - or 2nd growth). If the government continues to give public lands to the public then of course people tend to "KAINGIN" it because they want to convert it to farm. And the government has no more control..

The government want to reforests some areas in our country but forget to protect the remaining.

The Area of PICOP in Mangagoy, Surigao del Sur, once protected by the company for wood industry, after they left. You can see it now, the government distributed these areas to people. My plea to the government, please declare it as a "FOREST RESERVE, A NATIONAL PARK -home of the Philippine Eagle and Endemic birds"...

Nonoy Government, may magagawa ba kayo? para ma protektahan ang ating kapaligiran at yan naman ang pangako mo sa mga speeches mo mula simula palang ng panunungkulan mo, pleas Mr. President - Reserve the Agusan- Surigao del Sur Area for Forest Reserve, wag nyong hayaang ipamigay ng DENR sa mga naka occupy ngayon....

Rico said...

Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

Salamat sa pagbisita dito sa aking blog at sa pagbahagi ng iyong saloobin at nalalaman.

Sisikapin ko na makarating itong mensahe mo sa pinaka-mataas na pwesto sa ating bansa. Ipagdasal nating lahat na tugunan niya ang matagal na suliranin na ito ng ating bayan.

Mas maganda sana kung may pruweba tayo sa mga katiwalian at paglapastangan na ito sa ating mga puno at gubat.

Naway patnubayan tayong lahat ng Diyos.

Salamat muli.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Rico thanks for posting my comments. I am trying to buy Digicam kasi I want to take pictures and post it here. Makikita mo how the destruction continues...

I can show you if you try to visit Agusan del Sur and Surigao. Try Going to Bislig Via Trento Agusan del Sur, riding on the Bus when you pass that way- Barangay Sta. Maria of Trento to the boundary of Surigao, yOu will see with your own eyes... then try to investigate here, if it is true that the government is distributing theses areas..

I was born here in Agusan del Sur, I can see how it change for the past 20 years. Grabe ang changes halos wala nang big trees remaining. Government cannot stop illegal and legal logging because there are no protected areas, pinamahagi na po sa mga tao, pano sasabihin ng government na wag mamutol ng puno, it's a private lot na, may mga titulo na po yan.

Kaya yong mga natitira pa sana wag nang ipamamahagi.

With the construction of the Agusan del Sur- Malaybalay Bukidnon Via (Loreto)area, you will see further destruction for illegal logging and illegal settlers(that latter the government will still award these lands to them again?). One of the remaining untouch virgin forests in the boundary of Agusan-Bukidnon is under threat on the opening of these national road, mark my word...In my own, better nalang kahit walang short cut na daan going to Bukidnon than there is but would costs the remaining virgin forests in the area...

Rico said...

Hello again "anonymous"! I feel your sentiments. It's like watching them take it all away and you feel helpless because you can't do much to stop it.

Hindi pa ako nakapunta ng Agusan del Sur or Surigao, but I do want to go and visit your place if I have the chance to. I'm sure na marami ding native flora and fauna na makikita diyan, especially where the forests are still intact.

In your own small way, why don't you start collecting endemic/indigenous tree seedlings and native plants in your area and maybe plant them in your backyard/property or in protected areas para somehow, you are preserving and ensuring their existence in your area.

I cannot do this alone nor can you, but together, including other people who are interested in protecting nature and our surroundings, we can establish sanctuaries that will ensure the species of the future.

Anonymous said...

pinapaalam ko lng po na pakibisita po ang kabundukan sa brgy rizal atimonan quezon talamak po dun ang illegal logging isa n po dun ang brgy captain sa nmimili ng kahoy. pkitago n lng po ang aking katauhan pra sa aking kaligtasan

Rico said...

Salamat sa pagbahagi ng inyong nalalaman tungkol sa illegal na pagtrotroso diyan sa Atimonan, Quezon. Naipamahagi ko na po ang inyong mensahe sa kinauukulang personalidad na maaaring umaksiyon at makatulong. Sana nga ay maaksiyonan niya ito sa lalong madaling panahon para mapigil na ang lumalaking pagkasira ng ating kagubatan. Salamat muli at sana ay di kayo magsawa ng pagbisita dito at pagbahagi ng inyong nalalaman.

Anonymous said...

thank you po at sana maaksyonan po agad ng ating kinakaukulan lalo n po ang DENR ng gumaca pkigising po.

Rico said...

Conversation started Sunday
Tristan Asuncion

Good morning! Anonymous sender sent this comment to me at blogspot........."pinapaalam ko lng po na pakibisita po ang kabundukan sa brgy rizal atimonan quezon talamak po dun ang illegal logging isa n po dun ang brgy captain sa nmimili ng kahoy. pkitago n lng po ang aking katauhan pra sa aking kaligtasan"

I don't know anybody else to relay this message to. I hope there is something you can do to address this issue. God bless po.


Mundita Sison Lim

Thanks, Tristan . we will look into this.

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