Sunday, August 8, 2010

Plague of Caterpillars.

Two days ago, I was in San Pablo, Laguna and I had the chance of capturing the image of some of the caterpillar species, which I have observed are most abundant. Some were targeting specific types of trees while others were devouring shrubs, vines, herbs and grass. Are these critters the same culprits that have been damaging vegetable and other crops in your neighborhood farms? Please identify them if you can....... If I'm not mistaken, most of them are larvae of moths.

From top to bottom caterpillars are munching away plant matter from the following: a) Kabling-parang; b) Bangkoro; c) Hauili; d) Tangan-tangan; e) Kolitis; f) Tangan-Tangan

In fairness to some caterpillars, there seem to be no shortage of butterflies roaming around the vicinity of this town, which are beneficial insects that help pollinate plants and trees.

Reference: Philippine Medicinal Plants


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