Monday, August 2, 2010

Tan-ag (Kleinhovia hospita) can be ornamental too.

Local Name: Tan-ag
Scientific Name: Kleinhovia hospita
Family: Sterculiaceae

Habitat: Is a common tree that can be found in low and medium altitude in thickets, clearings and second growth forests
Distribution: Indigenous to Southeast Asian countries
Uses: Young leaves can be used as vegetable; bark and leaves are used to treat scabies, dermatitis, psoriasis, for killing lice; bast fibers for rope making, pulping and papermaking; lumber is used for veneer, particleboard, household implements, lightweight wood requirements and etc.

Note: It can also be considered as an ornamental tree because of it's pink flowers. Sometimes panicles and inflated fruit capsules are also pink in color.


rey said...

the tan-ag seeds you gave me are already sown, keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have germinants.

Rico said...

Hi Rey! Thanks for dropping by and posting a message. Haven't tried germinating Tan-ag seeds. Good luck on germinating them!

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