Monday, August 16, 2010

CLERODENDRUM QUADRILOCULARE is native to the Philippines.

Starburst, shooting star, fireworks flower are the given english names or names associated to this small tree, but the Philippine official local name given to Clerodendrum quadriloculare is Bagauak-morado. Morado in Spanish means purple, which is the evident underside color of its leaves, while the uppermost leaf coloration is green to dark green. This bush that grows to a small tree is a common ornamental species that is landscaped throughout Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines. The foliage alone is already interesting enough as one would see glimpses of the leaves underside to be in contrast to the dark green upper part of the leaves. Moreso, this small tree is even more spectacular when clusters of flowers abound on the apex of stems as if a splash or burst of white/cream petals and white-pink-fushia-crimson red hues of the corolla may vary according to specimen.


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