Monday, July 19, 2010

Climate Change: A Battle We All Need to Fight In Order to Survive.

Looking outside my window is a mature Bagras tree that stands magnificently despite the battering of typhoons........ I keep thinking of the battle scenes from the Lord of the Rings and Avatar movie, wherein century old forest trees played a vital role to form a strategic alliance with man, beings and other creatures in order to save the world. Though fictional, these movies entail realism of our present world and what could happen in the future.

In the problems we face today, climate change is our greatest enemy. We ourselves have destroyed the forest fortress and that the balance of life has been disrupted. The elements of earth, fire, air, water and Gaia seem to have turned against us, magnifying nature's intensity into the likes of hailstorms, tsunami's, el nino, landslides, forest fires, drought and the like. My question now is how are we going to win this battle when almost all of the world's giant trees (our allies) are already felled or when constant use of fossil fuel and garbage continue to pollute our surroundings?

It is easy to say that tree planting is the solution. I'd say that it is partly correct, because we need to start somewhere in order to bring back the trees. What we do not have is the element of time, because it took years, centuries and millenniums in order to grow those trees. Some seedlings do not stand a chance from extreme changes in temperature whether hot or cold. They are similar to infants that need nurturing and care for them to grow strong and healthy, otherwise they will just wither away. Best way is to plan carefully as to what species to plant that would best adapt to an area. There should be a follow up on giving care and maintenance while seedlings are still establishing themselves. Finally, everybody should make it a conscious effort to join this battle, after all it is the survival of every species on the planet that is at stake including man.


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