Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ANABIONG (Trema orientalis) is one of the fastest growing trees I've seen.

Notice the difference in leaf size on the lower right hand pic. The larger leaf belongs to a seedling or a young tree while the smaller leaf on top belongs to a mature tree.

Considered as a pioneer tree, Anabiong (Trema Orientalis) belongs to the hemp family ULMACEAE / CANNABACEAE. Other synonymous names according to wikipedia are Pigeon Wood and Gunpowder Tree. Surprisingly, Anabiong has numerous uses. Its wood is good for paper, pulp and rope production. The leaves are a source of food for butterfly larvae and fodder for livestock, while the fruits are eaten by birds and other wildlife. It is a nitrogen fixing tree, thus it is able to enrich the soil. Usually growing in open bushland and waste places. This species is one of the fastest growing trees I've seen.

I have seen this tree here in Manila, Batangas (near the coastline) and in Laguna.


Theresa De Guzman said...

Saan po sa Manila kayo nakakita?

Rico said...

Hi, Theresa! Naka-base ako dito sa San Juan City. Pwede n'yo po ako i-text or tawagan sa 09178834691 para sa ibang impormasyon o katanungan. Salamat. :)

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