Monday, June 21, 2010


Scientific Name: Artocarpus Blancoi
Origin: The seeds were collected from a medium sized mature tree found growing on the slopes of a mountain in Laguna. (see picture of mother tree shown from previous blog)
Uses: Lumber and furniture, seeds are edible and also eaten by wildlife
Quantity: 5pcs.
Height: 6inches - 1 1/2 ft.


Cel said...

Hi Rico!
I enjoyed reading your blog just now and I guess we share the same interest in preserving our native trees. Are you with the PNPCSI? I have attended some of their meetings and have gained new friends who have the same passion. Where are you based? How can I get some seedlings or seeds from you too?

Rico said...

Hello Cel!
First of all, i'd like to thank you for giving time to read my blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.

I am not connected with any organization as of this time, although I am aware of the different groups in some way or another. Though I would want to be part of a group that would share the same passion and ideologies that I possess, I have the urge to prioritize on personal issues which I need to tend to in the present. Being associated and not be able to participate in a group is something that I would not want, because it will be unfair for me and to others.

Nevertheless, you or anybody interested with related topics or featured posts of this blog can comment and share sentiments and ideas or may contact me at or at 0917-8834691 for further discussions.

Thank you and hope to hear more from you.


Anonymous said...

madaming antipolo seedlings sa farm namin sa Batangas. Apparently, native birds love eating the seeds and they also love to poo anywhere. Kaya nagkalat samin yung antipolo sa ilalim ng mga puno ng mangga namin.

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