Saturday, June 5, 2010

DAO MASSACRE. (Reminiscing the Times We Shared)

It is a sad sad sight to see that this lone Dao tree inside a private lot near the intersection of Bay going to Calauan, Laguna had been chopped down. I only discovered this incident about 1 month ago, when I passed this area and noticed that the mature tree that I had been checking out to admire was missing. The tree that I used to admire so dearly was fenced by a property wall and the gate to the property. And so I usually see the mid portion up to the top from the distance of the road as I drove by the area. Now it is gone!

I can still remember the day Dao (Dracontomelon dao) and I met. It was a typical afternoon of December of 2007 that I decided to stop by this property to take a closer look at the unknown tree that has caught my attention. I stopped by the roadside and went to the gate. Seeing that the gate was open and nobody was answering to my constant call and knocking, I entered to investigate if there was anybody that I can find...... The chained dog was already barking as of this time. Soon somebody came out of the door from the small dilapidated house just beyond. I asked the old lady what kind of tree it was, but she didn't know anything about it. I asked if i could come in to inspect the tree and so she humbly obliged.

This tree that stood near the gate was unique in it's own right. It was the first time that I've seen anything of it's kind and deep in my heart I knew that it is native to our country.

I visited this particular tree every now and then for months and years even, until someone from the tenants of the house was able to give me a name....... "Dao ang tawag diyan", the man replied to me. We went to where the tree was standing and to my surprise, a few small rounded yellow fruits were scattered on the gound.


Anonymous said...

Dear sirs,

My name is Chaichart from Bangkok Thailland. Would you please to advise me where i can get Dao (Dracontomelon dao) seed ? My hobby is forest tree seed collection.

Thank you in advance for your coming advisory.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

my mail is

Rico said...

Hello Chaichart! Thanks for reading my blog. Do you need the seeds for catalogue purposes (for collection only) or for germinating them into seedlings? I ask these questions because I don't encourage exporting viable seeds/seedlings out of our country simply because introducing exotic species in your area might have harmful and disastrous effects to the environmental ecology of your area, specifically Bangkok, Thailand, nor would I want to introduce imported species to my own country. I hope that you understand the message that I want to convey through this blog.

If in case you need NON-VIABLE seeds for educational purposes, I can try to get them for you when the fruiting season comes if you are still interested. Please inform me so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you for taking interest in forest trees and for posting a comment. Hope to hear from you again.



Anonymous said...

Dear Tristan,

Its so joyful that you blogged this incident out.
Scarce talaga ang dao seeds,based on my calculations mas maraming malalaking dao trees ang nabubuhay before the Spaniards came to our land(last 300 years ago) but sad to say they are now continually losing in numbers lalo na dito sa atin.
Can you still post more pictures and videos of Dao trees including its seeds and its locations of area.
Interesado kasi ako makakuha ng mas maraming seeds nito.Hope you can help me too?

Thanks a lot,

Native Wanderer

Rico said...

Dear John,

Salamat sa pagbisita mo at sa pagbasa ng aking mga isinusulat lalo na ang pagpuna mo sa pagkaubos ng ating mga puno ng Dao. Bagamat isa lamang ito sa mga nanganganib nating mga puno, mahalaga ito dahil popular ang kahoy nito sa pagkakaroon ng magandang haspe na siyang madalas kong makita na ginagawang mesa pang hapag kainan.

Kung ikaw ay nahihilig sa pagtanim ng mga puno na sariling atin upang sagipin ang nanganganib na pagkaubos ng ating kagubatan ay labis kong ikinagagalak. Magtanim ka man upang gamitin ito sa pang komersyal na dahilan ay akin pa rin ikatutuwa sapagkat mas mainam na rin ang magtanim at paramihin ang mga katutubo nating puno kaysa sa mga punong dayuhan na laganap sa bawat sulok ng ating bansa.

Makakakita ka pa ng mga matatandang puno ng Dao sa loob ng UPLB, Laguna. Marahil ay kabilang na sila sa mga "centennial trees" na kinikilala ng mga taga unibersidad na ito. Isang payo ko lang sa iyo ay lubos na ipinagbabawal ng eskwelahang ito ang pangunguha at pagkalap ng mga prutas at buto ng mga puno sa loob ng nasabing kampus. Marahil ay nadarama nila na ang labis na pagkolekta ng mga prutas at buto ay siyang magdulot ng balakid sa pagtubo ng bagong henerasyon ng puno sa nasabing lugar.

Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, marahil makakabili ka ng mga punla nito sa Manila Seedling Bank, Quezon City.

Pauulakan ko ang iyong kahilingan na magsulat at maglagay pa ng mga litrato ng nasabing puno kaya't iyong paka-aabangan sa mga susunod kong sulat.

Hangang dito na lang muna. Nawa ay nasagot ko ang iyong mga katanungan. Salamat muli at sana ay iyong ipagpatuloy ang magandang hangarin.


Anonymous said...


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I think better luck next time na lang.
I just recently read this another site from you
and it looks very interesting.

Thanks again.


Rico said...

Hi John! Hindi ako familiar sa PCCARD message board, but i'll try to visit the site when I have the time. Do you also write about native Philippine trees? Anong website?

Have you started collecting native trees? I also encourage swapping in case you are interested.

Anonymous said...

To Sir Rico,

Hi? Sorry for the late reply.
And this is the site:


There official website at no.1


This is there message board that I referred to you in no.2



Rico said...

Hello John,

You don't have to call me sir. Just call me with my nickname or my first name will do. Anyway, it's nice to hear from you again. Thank you for sharing the website to PCARRD message board. I am sure that a lot of readers including myself would like to have a forum in exchange for ideas and suggestions.

Will be posting a few updates about DAO. Hope you like it.



Anonymous said...

To Rico

Thanks and by the way,what website that you have to be soon posted about the updates of Dao?


(From Leyte)

Rico said...

Hi John,

I posted something about Dao recently, but it is more of an observation on my part and not a general information type. If you are only interested in Dao, then I suggest that you type the word or name "Dao" from the search box provided at the upper right hand corner of my webpage and all enlisted posts regarding Dao or any subjected topics will appear for your perusal.

You can also email me at in case you have other questions or suggestions in mind. Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment.

Happy reading!


winning out of your loss said...

hi, there is this wonderfully ancient dao tree along the mauyon river in Palawan;thankfully it escaped the chainsaws and axes of loggers

14 people can hold hands around it -- that is the girth and the width of it, I can send you a photo of this wonder

just tell me where to post it
Agnes Prieto

Rico said...

Hello Agnes! Thanks for reading and commenting on this blog post. I would like to see the picture of this magnificent Dao tree that you are talking about. My email address is indicated above my profile picture, posted at the upper right-hand side of my blogspot home page.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Wow,nice news naman,cant wait to see that photos also.Please also publish that photo out-there.



Rico said...

Hi, John!

I haven't received any word or email from Agnes. As soon as she sends the photo of the magnificent Dao tree, I will ask her if she will permit me to post it here.

Nice to hear from you. :)

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