Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wanna Swap Seedlings?

If you are a hobbyist, environmentalist, forester, horticulturist, agriculturist, plant enthusiast, in the ornamental plant business, a concerned citizen of the Philippines or from another country, then you are welcome to join and contribute.

Whether we are from the city or the province, trees and plants are part of our lives. We sometimes take them for granted, but we know that they are there. One particular common and native plant or tree from a certain region or place can be a rare find from another. Take for example the popular Benguet Pine (Pinus kesia) trees from Baguio and the Benguet mountain provinces, they are commonly found in high and cool altitude, while the Nipa (Nypha fruticans) Palm tree are usually found along coastal areas and estuarines. They differ greatly in habitat, however, if you simulate their environment and cultural requirements, then they might thrive in whatever place they are in.

Oftentimes, we encounter curious trees or plants that interests us from our vacation trips. Sometimes we are lucky to get seeds or wildlings and bring them back to our place to plant them. By doing this, we are unconsciously propagating and dispersing their species to another area. This is a responsibility that we should be aware of, because imported plants from different countries are also dispersed this way and oftentimes dominate vast expanse of land.

Fortunately, we can put this problem into our advantage if we work together. We can help preserve and conserve our own native trees by swapping. Our resources will be maximized. Help me protect plants and trees that are native to your region or province.

For more information, please leave your comments and suggestions here and I will get back to you the soonest.


flipster said...

Swapping native seeds or plants and planting them in different areas of the country with similar micro-climates is like seed banking in the event an indigenous area suffers natural a disaster or pestilence.

Anonymous said...

Good day, i am a member of the Dueg Upland Farmers Marketing Cooperative at Sitio Dueg, Brgy. Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac. Dueg is more or less 3,000 feet high and we would like to plant pine trees in our place. Please help us by referring us where we could purchase or ask for pine tree seedlings. Thank you very much. you may contact me at aryanz1003@yahoo.com.ph or 09228875166.

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