Sunday, July 5, 2009


Are you a concerned citizen of the Philippines? Are you aware of global warming or climate change? Do you see what is going on with our surroundings especially the environment? Do you see pollution and garbage everywhere? Have you felt the intense summer heat, even if it is not summer? Do yo smell the smog that our cars and vehicles are emitting? Do you have trouble sleeping due to the irritating sounds we hear late at night or early in the morning, due to inconsiderate neighbors and passing vehicles? Have you seen hunger from the faces of our very own countrymen? IF NOT, THEN OPEN YOUR EYES AND DO SOMETHING!

The problems we face now seem magnanimous. We ask ourselves, where do we start?.........The answer is that we start with ourselves. Change for the better is inevitable if we want to exist in this world, otherwise, there is no future for the succeeding generations.

Start with simple things like segregating your garbage. Separate organic matter (nabubulok) from inorganic matter (di nabubulok), like paper, fruit peelings, garden litter, leaves and tree branches from materials such as plastic, metal and glass bottles which cannot decompose easily, but may be recycled. Learn to compost the organic matter, which will be beneficial for your garden plants. Incorporate plants and trees in your backyard or garden space in order to minimize pollution in every aspect.

Please don't throw your trash in the streets or in the canals as they will find their way in our rivers and oceans. Please do not smoke or burn inorganic matter such as leaves, because this contributes to air pollution and the carbon in the atmosphere that traps the heat of the sun in our atmosphere. Please refrain yourself from using air-conditioning, aerosols, styrofoams, foams, refrigerants that use CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbon), because CFC's are the main reason why our ozone layer is depleting in the atmosphere. Please avoid using wood from illegal lumber, because our forests are fast disappearing. Please stop using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, because not only are they harmful to us but they are especially harmful to our surroundings and to the wildlife.

Lastly, if all is NOT too late may GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!


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