Monday, April 11, 2011


This weed / herb is slowly invading a portion of our garden. It probably hitchhiked from other plants that were introduced into the space for about 4-5 years now. This plant has dull green leaves and minute white flowers that only opens during the morning. It is a potential ground cover that produce low-lying runners....... Can anybody help me identify this plant?


Anonymous said...

The name of this plant is called H. primulifolia in a number of sources.
Scientific name: Hemigraphis reptans [Family: Acanthaceae]
Synonym: H. primulifolia, H. pacifica, Ruellia primulifolia, Ruellia reptans

i don't know if its this


Rico said...

Thank you for identifying the scientific name of this herb. Though I still cannot determine the place of origin of this plant whether it is native to the Philippines, I greatly appreciate your help of posting its name.


Andrea said...

I see this too in Batangas in the wet season.

Rico said...

Andrea, thanks for sharing!

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