Thursday, February 10, 2011

Balitbitan seedlings planted in San Pablo City plaza.

Two weeks ago, I was able to visit the city hall of San Pablo City, Laguna also known as the "City of Seven Lakes". Whenever I'm in the area, I sometimes visit several mature Balitbitan (Cynometra ramiflora var. ramiflora) trees within the confines of the plaza or park, which serves as a focal area and a great staging area to view the "Sampaloc Lake" (largest lake of seven lakes of San Pablo City).

I decided to stroll by the park to check out these indigenous trees. Surprisingly, I noticed that several seedlings of this beautiful tree had been randomly planted along exposed areas of the park. The seedlings were protected by stakes and each had a label, namely the different departments of the city government that are existent.

I consider this deed as a wonderful gesture, because not only is the city government recognizing the need to help the environment, but it further emphasizes the need to focus more on planting and propagating Philippine tree species. I just hope that the people involved in planting it were considering the landscaping aspect of each planted seedling. Because even though these are small to medium sized trees, if planted in close proximity or in abundance, it could either enhance the landscaped design of the area or just give the opposite.

Photo above show some of the seedlings mentioned.


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