Sunday, September 26, 2010

Philippine corals experiencing worst bleaching.

The Philippine Star Business - Science & Technology dated September 23, 2010 of page B-6 and B-7 featured an article entitled, Philippine coral reefs -- in hot water by Nino Jacinto.

Here the author explains how corals are made up of tiny animals called "polyps", which play a vital role in providing refuge and food source among marine organisms, which in turn provide livelihood for man. He stressed that "Philippine reefs are now experiencing one of the worst bleaching events since 1998" and that studies indicate that one third of worlds coral species will most likely be extinct due to climate change and causes of man. Stating also that we can help by doing the following:

"Report sightings of bleached coral to the Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch on Facebook; To give coral as much chance as possible to recover from the high temperature of the ocean, reduce the other sources of stress for coral, such as: sedimentation, pollution, destructive fishing methods, garbage and diver damage; Support the creation and better management of more Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) -- Coral bleaching has affected all reef areas, including MPA's, but better recovery has been observed in MPA's compared to unprotected sites."

All I can say is that it is good to know that national and global awareness in saving the world we live in is becoming more of a conscious effort whether through individuals, communities and government. Be a part in saving our forest and our seas. Let us all do our part in saving mother Earth!


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