Thursday, May 6, 2010


I remember the days when they were still babies. Look how cute they are! And just unfolding their first set of leaves.

Just about one year and a half old, young Himbabao here enjoys basking under the heat of the sun. He's really growing up fast just like his siblings and other peers. Reminds me how time really flies.

Two years and a half old Himbabao now showing signs of maturity. Though still looking lanky as suppose to other teen trees, he's a healthy young tree and full of promise.

I am proud that he's already showing some flowers of his labor. Soon, he'll be looking for the girl himbabao flower of his dreams... Or should I say that the birds and the bees are going to do that for him.

I am not worried though, because I know that he's not going anywhere. He likes where he is and he's home sweet home!


Anonymous said...

hello, do you sell seedlings for this? If so, how much? thanks!

Rico said...

Anonymous, I don't have available seedlings as of now, but if you are willing to wait for a few months, I can collect and germinate the seeds myself once the fruiting season has set. Seedlings of Himbabao will cost P50 each, a foot in height.

If you are interested and willing to wait (about 6-8 months), place your order by posting here or thru email at . Please be informed that seedlings propagated from seeds and not by cuttings are "DIOECIOUS", meaning that male and female are separate individuals. I assume that male flowers and fruits from the female tree are both edible, however, they are two different things. The ones that you find being sold in the public market or in groceries are the flowers and NOT the fruit.


Anonymous said...

is this called alukon in Ilocano?

Rico said...

Anonymous, pasensya na sa late reply. Sa ngayon, hindi ko masasagot kung ang Himbabao at Alukon nga ay iisa dahil hindi ako familiar sa pangalan na yan. Pero pag sinubukan mo hanapin sa "google image search" ang salitang Himbabao, makikita mo na synonymous ang pangalan na Alukon na nakadikit dito. Malamang nga ito ay iisang puno. Ikaw siguro ang makakapagsabi kung ito nga yung ginagamit ng mga Ilokano sa lutuin nila. Sa tingin ko parehas naman sa litrato na post ko dito.

Kung gusto mo makasiguro, email mo sa akin( ang litrato kung may sample ka ng dahon at bulaklak ng sinasabi mo na Alukon at sasabihin ko sa'yo kung parehas nga ito.

Salamat sa pag post dito!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy seedlings for himbabao? i live in Malolos City, Bulacan.


Rico said...

Hi, LIto! I use to have Himbabao seedlings before, but I already outplanted them on site. Tinamad na ako magtanim after that kasi ang liliit ng buto. I don't know anybody selling seedlings of Himbabao. Have you tried inquiring from MSBF (Manila Seedling Bank Foundation), which is at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Ave.?

Anonymous said...

In our place (bulacan), this was planted using cuttings. it was so easy to reproduce just like malunggay.


Anonymous said...

helo sir is ther anything na maging propagule ng alucon... or himbabao... like cuttings...?

Rico said...

Himbabao can be propagated using mature seeds, cuttings and marcotting. You can probably try air layering and inarching but the first three methods I mentioned will suffice.

Hope I have answered your question correctly.

Thanks for visiting.

Sizz_Flair said...

The easiest propagation is through cuttings, just plant a stem about two feet in length in a rich loose soil and it will shoot new leaf growths in a week, but actually any stem length or diameter will do just fine and don't hesitate to grow, the larger the stem the faster it will mature. It is a fast grower which I enjoyed cooking the flowers in sauteed monggo after a year, provided you fertilize the plant periodically. By the way, avoid the fresh sap of the cuttings as it will surely mark on your shirt or might cause skin allergy (not confirmed though, but safety handling applies to all plant saps though)

Rico said...

Thank you Sizz Flair for sharing your experience with propagating Himbabao. :)

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