Sunday, April 11, 2010


The months of January to February of this year didn't give us enough rain. El Nino still scorches everything under the sun. It is hot, dry and humid at times. Everything and everyone is getting restless. When will the rains come???

I see mortalities from the seedlings that I have planted since last year and even from the year before that. It's partly my fault since I have planted up until end of November or was it mid December of last year, expecting rains will come until February of this year 2010. An added factor is because there are native species that are hardier during long summer months than some that just cannot take the extreme weather and climate.

I can't believe that most of my yakal trees that are about 1 meter high and already established under the protected shade of other neighboring trees are still dying.

Life is definitely full of unexpected things. "You win some and you loose some". Just thinking on how can I avoid this problem in the future........Maybe I'd plant more of the native species that are found in my area. These trees are adapted to the soil, weather and other environs that is
present in it's native habitat. Chances are there is a greater survival rate that these trees will reach its maturity and full potential.
photos from left to right: 1) aunasin; 2) acle; 3) bitanghol; 4) bignai-pugo; 5) bungang-ipod; 6) paitan; 7) tabon-tabon; 8) yakal-saplungan


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