Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The pictures here were taken last December 2009 in the vicinity of San Pablo City, Laguna. Just to give everyone an idea on the immense effects a quarry site can do to the topography / contour, physical character of an area and especially the habitat within it's surroundings.

Notice the small mountain on the left hand side, which a great portion has been carved out by tractors. The large depression below the foreground and showing a basin of water or lake at the far right seems to be a crater made by years of operation by the quarry companies.

I don't see any trees within the area. Just the tall grasses that are ever present in barren wastelands.

A second quarry site adjacent to the first and showing almost the same view with the large mountain at the background. A few steps forward and sheer drop will take you to the bottom of the crater below......... Yikes!

A dump truck can be seen below making its way up the slope to where I am situated.

The huge amount of soil and rock displaced will cause soil erosion especially landslides, stripping away the fertile topsoil of the land and washing it towards the ocean where the silt will choke on the forest of the sea, which is the corals.

It's a sad sight it seems....


Anonymous said...

Wala talagang magandang maidulot ang mining lupa o sa dagat man mga selfish na tao lang kac may pakinabang yan..

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