Sunday, October 18, 2009


Do you have insect problems in your garden? Should we be spraying insecticide and pesticides in order to control these pesky critters? Do they cause more harm than good?.......These are the usual questions I ask myself when seeing insects eating up leaves from my plants and trees. Probably they like my plants so much, because my plants are free from harmful chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Most of the time, I usually observe butterfly and moth caterpillars munching away with leaves from my seedlings. It really bothers me because some of the seedlings are below 1 feet and still, caterpillars are already damaging the leaves. As much as possible, I just let these insects go their way since butterflies and moths are beneficial in pollinating flowers from the trees, thus helping the trees produce fruits for us and other creatures and organisms as well. After all, all living creature and organisms deserve to live and that every living thing has a purpose here on Earth. But sometimes enough is enough because I have to set limitations especially if the particular seedling that is under attack is in grave danger........ Alangan naman pabayaan ko mamatay yung seedling ko at ubusin na lang ang mga dahon? If this is the case, then I just pick up or remove the caterpillars from the plant and transfer them to other similar plants or if not, I kill them or feed them to the fish.

I'm not a fan of chemical pesticide or insecticides since these things are very harful to our skin, when inhaled, when eaten due to the residue that is still intact with our vegetables and fruits and the like........ Ito ang dahilan kaya ang daming tao na ngayon ang may sakit lalo na ang may cancer.

Nowadays, I am trying to use a natural method that is suppose to keep plants and soil rich and healthy. It incorporates the use of beneficial microorganism that live in the soil and hasten the decomposition of organic materials to be directly used and absorbed by plants. I am talking about soil inoculation, effective microorganisms (EM) and bokashi. I will be discussing these topics in the future so please keep attuned with my blogs.


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